Sejarah Institut Tazkia

Towards the economic crisis in the last quarter of 1997, as a preacher of Islamic economics, H. Muhammad Syafii Antonio M.Ec – among his friends known as Pak Haji – invites friends who are committed to developing the Islamic economy for establish a container for the efforts that have been pioneered so far more focused and directed. The company is mainly engaged in the implementation of training programs on the implementation of Islamic economics both in the financial sector and Islamic management and seeks to become agents and networks of Islamic financial institutions such as Takaful Insurance and Bank Muamalat Indonesia. By capitalizing on Pak Haji’s character and relationship due to his lectures on Islamic economics, in December 1997, PT Tazkia Wahana Utama got the first client, PT Mayasari Bakti. Based on discussions with the trainees as well as the directors of sharia banks and input from Bank Indonesia, it is concluded that in order to produce human resources in sharia banking in particular and Islamic economics in general, it is not enough to provide short-term training to banker. On the basis of this need, Tazkia decided to establish Islamic High School of Tazkia by first establishing the Tazkia Cendekia Foundation. At Tazkia Institute Br Mukhamad Yasid only acts as an Associate Partner together with other associate partners such as Pak Agus, Pak Indra, Mr. Arie Mooduto and Mr. Achmad Baraba.

  • 1990s: Our early Origins & Tazkia Revolution

  • 2000s: Rapid evolution and breakthrough discovery

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