International Educational Trip to See Global Islamic Finance Practices

International Educational Trip to See Global Islamic Finance Practices



KSEI Progres STEI Tazkia has the opportunity to undertake one of the routine activities held annually, that is the International Educational-Trip program which is accountable by DEAR (Division of External and Affair Relationship) with brother Ahmad Dzaki Rabbani as the head of division. This program is in cooperation with the management of College of Islamic Economics Tazkia (STEI Tazkia) through the International Program represented by Mr. Muhammad Taqiyuddin Rahman.
On Monday, February 5th, 2018, KSEI Progres STEI Tazkia has visited one of the institutions located in Singapore, namely Muhammadiyah Islamic College of Singapore (MICS), which is one of the first Islamic universities in this state.
Singapore is a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia. It lies one degree north of the equator, at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, with Indonesiaa��s Riau Islands to the south and Peninsular Malaysia to the north. Singapore is the third leading financial center in the world and a cosmopolitan world city that plays an important role in international trade and finance. The Port of Singapore is one of the five busiest ports in the world.
Singapore has a long history of immigration. Its diverse population is 5 million, comprising Chinese, Malay, Indian, Asian descent, and Caucasian. About 42% of Singaporeans are foreigners who work and study there, while foreign workers account for 50% of the services sector.

In addition to this matter that quite interesting is the religious tolerance, religion in Singapore is characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices because of a mixture of diverse ethnic communities originating from various countries. Major religious denominations are mostly present in Singapore. An analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center found that Singapore is the most diverse country in the world. Unlike the two neighboring countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, Islam is not a majority in Singapore. In the 2015 census, the largest number of followers in Singapore is Buddhism, which is 33% of Singaporea��s total population. Then Christianity 18.8%, Islam 14%.

MICS was founded by the Muhammadiyah Association (MA), a voluntary religious social organization founded in 1957. MICS is one of the many social arms the MA has set to meet the needs of society

Muhammadiyah Islamic College was established on April 15, 2000, in cooperation with the Muhammadiyah Association and IAIN Imam Bonjol, Padang. Located at 14 Jalan Selamat before moving to a new building in Lorong 13 Geylang in 2010. The first memorandum of understanding was signed in the auditorium of the Hasanah Mosque between the President of Ustaz Shaik Hussain Shaik Yacob and the Rector of IAIN Prof. Dr. Abdul Azais Dahlan, MA. The first program introduced was Daa��wah management.

Muhammadiyah Islamic College Singapore (MICS) can be regarded as the pioneer of the first post-secondary Islamic education institution in modern Singapore. MICS aspires to become the main provider of Islamic education at the Tertiary level.

Education at MICS serves as a bridge for a person in an advanced endeavor to actualize the principles and concepts of the Qura��an obtained in pursuit of a Certificate, Diploma or Degree. By doing so, these College graduates live and personify the spirit of the Qura��an and the life of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Some of these are the reason why KSEI Progres STEI Tazkia visit the MICS campus.

The International Educational-Trip activity was held from February 4th to February 12th, 2018. Singapore was the first stop of the trip and MICS was the first institution KSEI Progres STEI Tazkia visited.

The number of participants in this activity is 44 people, consisting of 42 students along with 2 lecturers from STEI Tazkia, among others are Mr. Muhammad Taqiyuddin Rahman as the representative of the STEI Tazkia International Program and Mr. Fakhrudin as the representative of the STEI Tazkia Student Affairs.

The event started with the opening from the Master of Ceremony and continued with remarks from Mr. Taqiyuddin as the representative of the STEI Tazkia and further remarks and presentations by Mr. Muhammad Ikhsanudin who is a representative of the MICS. He explained the history and development of Islam in Singapore, as well as the establishment of MICS and how it can still be exist until now even though the Islamic community in Singapore is a minority.

Lastly, the event was closed with the handover of souvenirs and taking group photos as well as the submission of a cooperation proposals in order to maintain a good relationship between STEI Tazkia and MICS.

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