Developing Islamic Financial Institutions, whether bank, insurance, mutual fund, venture capital, leasing company and Islamic cooperative and BMT, is a religious obligation (faridhah) as well as dharurah or necessity of industry and market demand.

So far, the development of Islamic Financial Institutions and other Islamic-managed businesses has not been supported by the availability of adequate human resources in terms of managers, entrepreneurs and academics who consistently study, implement and develop Islamic Economics.

This is partly a result of the dualism of educational programs that do not integrate economics, business and finance on the one hand with the study of applied Sharia mu’amalah on the other side.

To meet the above needs, Tazkia Cendekia Foundation, starting from the academic year 2001/2002, with the validation of Decree of Ditjenbagais Number: DJ.II/548/2003 founded Institut Tazkia. This University started with offering 3 courses:

  1. Sharia Bisnis and Management (Akreditasi B)
  2. Sharia Economy (Akreditasi A)
  3. Sharia Accouning (Akreditasi A)

And then offered the another Departments bellow :

  1. Master Program of Sharia Economics (Akreditasi B)
  2. Sharia Economy Law (Akreditasi B)
  3. Sharia Economy Education

To ensure the curriculum delivered to students is in accordance with international standards, Institut Tazkia has established cooperation with Al-Azhar University, Cairo, International Islamic University Pakistan, Islamabad and International Islamic University Malaysia who have earlier offer similar programs that combines science and Islamic knowledge. Of course Institut Tazkia also refers to the regulations required by the Ministry of National Education of Indonesia.

Ahmad BukhoriBasis Kurikulum