To realize the vision and mission and objectives, the education system is conducted integratedly. The stages are: (1) Student Recruitment through Academic Potential Test / Smart Test / Application Short Listing, (2) Matriculation Program, (3) Lecture (plus Mid Term Exam, Final Exam, Industrial Internship, Thesis Writing, and Comprehensive Exam) (4) Boarding for final year students and (5) Alumni and Job Fair. The details of the learning process are as follows:

Matriculation Program (Semester 1 – Semester 2)

In addition to courses that are in harmony to the needs of the market, the program is also designed with several advantages, including:

  1. In the first year, students are required to follow the orientation program & matriculation on several core subjects; namely: Arabic, English, Bahasa Indonesia and scientific writing, computer & internet, math and statistics, effective learning, leadership and Islamic Studies, and introduction to economics, accounting, business and management, and Islamic business law.
  2. During matriculation program, students stay in dormitory so as to obtain a conducive environment for learning, full time completing tasks, access to the internet, conducive environment to communicate in Arabic / English and ensuring Islamic moral of conduct.
  3. The lecture materials are delivered in English as well as in Arabic.Regular Lecture After completing the matriculation program, students are free to choose their own stay. After going through the matriculation program, students are expected to be more independent and responsible when living outside the dormitory.
  4. Second up to Fourth Year (Semesters 3-7). On the second year, students will have different subjects based on their chosen department (Islamic Business and Management, Islamic Economics, Islamic Accounting, Islamic Business Law and Islamic Social Teaching) and follow the academic calendar for the lectures, Mid Term Exam and Final Exam.
  5. Semester 8 (Final Year). Students are prepared to do industrial internship for 2 months and then writing mini thesis. One month before the scheduled mini thesis defense, students attend the boarding program for some trainings and completion of the thesis.

Final Assignment Defense and Graduation 
The final assignment defense is held in two stages: the Thesis Defense and Comprehensive Exam with internal and external examiners. To sit for the exam, the students are required to pass the Juz Amma Memorization Test. After all graduation requirements fulfilled, The Senate of Institut Tazkia will validate the names of the graduates.

Ahmad BukhoriAsrama Diawal & Akhir Tahun