Why Tazkia


  1. Students’ character building is started from the very beginning in the first year aiming for the strengthening of aqidah, improving Arabic, and English as well as basic knowledge appliance. At the final year, there is boarding program equipped with structured thesis supervisory program and training to prepare students entering workforce so that students can graduate on time and ready to enter the industry.
  2. Supported by ISO 9001: 2008 for its education and management quality system with predicate “Good” and “Excellent” from Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
  3. Referring to the curriculum of Al-Azhar University Cairo and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).
  4. Lecturers consist of committed academics and Islamic economics and finance expert under the guidance of Dr. Muhammad Syafii Antonio, M.Ec, the prominent expert on Islamic economics
  5. Strong networking with industries, local and central government, central bank, ministries, and other government institutions, national and international educational institutions and Islamic financial institutions.
  6. We are among the few who are equipped with Mini bank laboratory and stock exchange corner as student facility.
  7. Knowledge integration between Islamic Sharia with economics
  8. Scholarship opportunities for outstanding students
  9. Availability of International class, international exchange programs and double degree opportunities with international universities
Ahmad Bukhoriwhy Tazkia