Tazkia Islamic University College Profile

Tazkia Islamic University College is a university which was born in the conditions of the economic crisis of 1997 – 1998. The economic downturn and the collapse of the national banking industry on the one hand and the survival of Islamic banks on the other are milestones in the development of Islamic economics as a ‘system of choice’.

After holding various trainings on Islamic banking to bankers and officials within the Bank Indonesia and being involved in the consultation process in the conversion of commercial banks to Islamic banks, Tazkia was motivated to establish educational institutions to produce competent human resources to develop Islamic banking in particular and the economy sharia in general. This effort was realized in the form of the establishment of the Islamic Economics, College – STEI Tazkia through the founding of the Tazkia Cendekia Foundation in mid-1999.

The main factor that prompted the establishment of the foundation is the scarcity of human resources to develop the Islamic financial industry. Human resources needed are those who can equally master conventional banking and economics theory as well as Islamic theories of banking and economics.

Based on discussions with various parties and experts, a conclusion is obtained that sharia banking and sharia economic human resources in general, cannot be produced through short-term training or courses but must be through systematic education with a relative long amount of time

Based on this need, the Islamic Economics College – Tazkia Islamic University College was established under the management of the Tazkia Cendekia Foundation which was established based on Syarif Tanudjaja’s Deed No.5 of March 11, 1999.

Tazkia Islamic University College believes that only an economic system guided by the laws and provisions of Allah SWT is capable of equitable public welfare. As the name implies, namely Tazkia, Tazkiyyah, Tazkia Islamic University College seeks to encourage the ummah’s economy to purify. This effort is carried out through productive, effective, and efficient innovations accompanied by efforts to nurture alms and alms giving fruitful results for the welfare of society.

Tazkia seeks to educate and produce generations of Muslims who have the competence and commitment to do business and creation while maintaining input of purity, the process of purity, and the output of purity. In the spirit of growing and purifying this,InsyaAllah, Muslims are able to succeed in the field of economics and business.

Ahmad BukhoriTazkia Islamic University College Profile