STEI Tazkia Hymne & Mars

HYMNE of STEI Tazkia

L/S: Rudy A. Fattah

With sincere intentions, exalting the Almighty God
With on noble character, forged by a strong spirit
Accompanied by a sincere prayer, pray for a beam of hope
Raise the sprouts of intellectual, brighten the nation

Give the best, in every step you take
Realize your intention, (to spread) rahmatan lil’alamin

May Allah bless, our dreams and hopes
Wish S-T-E-I Tazkia victory, Wish Indonesia’s victory
Wish S-T-E-I Tazkia victory, come forward, and go forward

MARS of STEI Tazkia

L/S: Rudy A. Fattah

Combine the step with the united direction
Keep trust and be firm
Be a true professional
The warrior of Sharia economy

Build the nation, achieve the triumph
Prove yourself

With the blessing of The Almighty God
Together we keep going for sure
Long Live STEI Tazkia

Ahmad BukhoriSTEI Tazkia Hymne and Mars