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The team of “English for Ulama” visited Tazkia Islamic University College

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Once again, Tazkia Islamic University College has proven its quality as the centre of knowledge in Islamic Economics, Finance and Business by welcoming a very distinguished guest from overseas. On this occasion, the Director of Minhaj Welfare Foundation Syekh Dr. Adnan Sohail, Lc, who is also famously known as a Muslim youth representative in the UK visited Tazkia’s main campus in Sentul City, Bogor. Along with him, the Director of British Moslem Association (BMS) Paul S. Armstrong and it’s Vice Director Mohammed Abbasi, the team of “English for Ulama, Jabar Juara” and the British Council communications manager Afra Khumaira visited Tazkia Islamic University College.

Syekh Dr. Adnan Sohail, Lc visited Tazkia in accordance to following up on the recent MoU that Tazkia had with Minhaj University Lahore, a massive University in Lahore Pakistan that developed the “Akhuwat”, an Islamic microfinance institution for ladies in Pakistan. During his speech, Syekh Dr. Adnan said that Tazkia and Minhaj share a very common goal in developing Islamic Economics, Finance, and Business. Thereby, Tazkia and Minhaj must have a synergy in developing that specific area in the future through research and community empowerment collaboration.

Dr. Murniati Mukhlisin, M.Acc., CFP as the rector of Tazkia Islamic University College replied that Tazkia is very welcome for that plan. She continues that Tazkia has also developed the Islamic Microfinance program for about 10 years where it aims to empower poor people who live around the campus. Further, the program has also been applied in West Nusa Tenggara where Tazkia becomes the reference for the West Nusa Tenggara government in operating the program there.

Last but not least, the vice-chairman of the Indonesian Muslim scholar Council (MUI) KH. Muhyiddin Junaidi who has also attended the session said that He was very pleased that Indonesian Moslem scholars have a chance to improve their English skills by going abroad to the UK. Hopefully, this such program can be sustained year by year so the Indonesian Muslim scholar has the same opportunity to spread Islamic values around the globe and therefore Islam can be more prosperous in the future. (MBP)

Miftahul AnwarThe team of “English for Ulama” visited Tazkia Islamic University College

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