Aisyah’s valedictorian speech.

Aisyah’s valedictorian speech.



الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على اشرف الانبياء والمرسلين وعلى اله واصحابه ومن تبعهم باحسان الى يوم الدين اما بعد.

اهلا وسهلا ومرحبا بكم مجلس الامين لمؤسسة جامعة تزكية، الدكتور محمد شافعي انتونيو المكرم، رئيسة جامعة تزكية، السيدة الدكتورة مرنياتي مخلسين المكرمة، المكرم الاساتذة والدكاترة والمعلمين الاجلاء والزملاء والزميلات الاعزاء..

يسعدني ان اكون معكم في هذا الحفل الكريم الذي نحتفل فيه بنتهاء مراحل دراستنا، فالحمدلله على نعمة العلم والتعلم

فاليوم سيحمل معه حصاد مجهوداتنا الدراسية وهذا مانتظرناه كثيرا والنفس كانت تتشوق. فاليوم نحصد ثمار جهودنا وعملنا ونفرح عائلاتنا و نودع كل تعب مررنا به والقلوب تشعر بالفرح.

ولا تنسوا ان هذه الخطوة هي الاولى ومن بعدها سننطلق في بحور العلوم المختلفة و ننتقي منها ما يناسبنا كلا ما يملئه الحماس والطاقة التي تساعده على استكمال مسيرة حياته.

وبالطبع نشكرك كلا من ساهم في تعليمنا فقد ادوا رسالتهم بكل تفاني واخلاص فكل الشكر والتقدير لهم.

Dear all ladies and gentlemen, my teachers, lecturers, my brothers and sisters, class of 2017

I’ve always found spoken word poetry to be a powerful platform to spread messages

And I’m neither a poet nor an artist but I’d like to share something that I wrote for graduation

This is a poem from Vivian Ng modified by me

So, Bismillah.

I am Aisyah As-Salafiyah.

I am one of your valedictorians here today

if I told you my dream in life is to be a mother you might say, no way

but it’s true

my success has been determined by my rank in my class

but no number or rank could define genuine success

being a valedictorian doesn’t mean I’m perfect

and if you believe so then you’re horribly incorrect.

all this title manifest is that I’m just good at taking tests

but life you see is not like TOEFL or IELTS

several hours of shading A to C or D does not determine your destiny

having a title that is prestigious doesn’t really reflect success

we’ve seen time and time again respected powerful individuals revealed to be

terrible criminals

having a title didn’t cover the fact

that they manipulated their power for money and wrongful acts

having a title didn’t make them

the best

what makes you the best is that you bring the most benefit to others

how you change someone’s life

where no one’s rights or honor is sacrifice

take for example madam Murniati Mukhlisin

several years of being miss rector

she graduated approximately thousands and four hundred five individuals

blessed with the ability to see everything positively

she blessed us with the presence of a role model

a role model who taught us gratitude and humility

who let us be who we want to be

not who society tells you to be

Madam Ani,

she values all types of students

looking beyond skin color and gender to see true talent

she made us all realize that we are all blue and orange Tazkians

in this university, she created unity amongst diversity

it’s when you use the power that you are given to create beauty

to spark change

to show the good


is what makes you

the best

but you don’t need to have a title to be the best

our parents, especially my umi my abi

they have no Nobel Prize

all they have is a simple educational enterprise

but my umi and abi affected the life of me

they were with me since I was a little seed tiny

they planted me in home unsure of who I grow to be

like the soil they nurtured me with love and kindness

like the birds they sang songs of encouragement and confidence

they molded me to be steadfast and virtuous

they did all this



of who

I’d grow to be

unsure if I’d even love them back

my parents

like the Sun they’d rise every morning

they pray for me and say

May Allah guide you and I’m proud of you

that too is what makes you

the best

but being the best, is like a star that can eventually fade

if it isn’t for Allah sincere

when I ask people

when you look into the future what do you see

I get all sorts of answers

I’m famous I’m married I have a college degree

but not once does someone say

when I look into the future

I see myself being a better muslim and happy


happiness is often assumed or forgotten

society makes you believe you need to achieve a certain type of success

that loyalty to Islam follows success

that you are dumb if you can’t do a couple of sums

but no

life worldly is just a fantasy

success is nothing if you disobey Allah’s command

so don’t settle or let any intrusions

because money and power are simply delusions

don’t let yourself be materialized

just to realize how much you’ve sacrificed

I’m a valedictorian

that really just want to spread goodness

and some of you might think that’s not logic

but instead of being a lawyer I really just want to write

for those of you who think that’s won’t make you wealthy

as long as I’m living my life following Allah’s guidance, I’m uninvolved

if you expected me to tell you how to get a job at DinarStandard or how to publish a Scopus indexed journals

I’m sorry, my only advice is to join LinkedIn

Class of 2017..

I want you to know that your grade does not determine your fate

But your full potential is still a long way away

and that your journey at Tazkia will not lead you astray

I want you to realize

but you and you alone is in charge of your destiny

that happy isn’t just a word in your dictionary

that you don’t have to meet a legacy of the century

but to realize that you should live your life

To Allah have faith and belive

Just like what our father, Dr. Muhammad Syafii Antonio said,

Do your best and let Allah do the rest.

Thank you.