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International Muslim Scholar with Dr. Mustafa Desuki Kasbah, Al-Azhar University

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STEI Tazkia received a visit from Dr. Mustafa Desuki Kasbah, a world-leading expert of Waqf, from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt and Ust. Nur Khasan From Tazakka on Monday, 6 August 2018,. The guests arrived at STEI Tazkia Campus at 08:00 am.  Dr. M. Syafii Antonio, founder of Tazkia group, and Dr. Murniati Mukhlishin M.Acc., the Rector of Tazkia University College on Islamic Economics, were welcoming the guests in Campus. Warm friendship happened during the meeting and discussion.

On 9.00 am, the agenda continued by talk series related to contemporary issues and challenges in zakat and waqf application. Dr. Musthafa began his talk by explaining the establishment of Waqf that are consisted of four periods. Furthermore,  he discussed contemporer issues regarding waqf and zakat. This talk uncovered audience  mindset.

The agenda was ended by the giving of a souvenir from STEI Tazkia to Dr. Musthafa and photo session. Hopefully this agenda will be continued with MoU as a gate of collaboration between STEI TAZKIA and two leading universities in Egypt, Al Azhar University and Ain Shams University.


-International Program and Partnership STEI TAZKIA-

Rizqi ZakiyaInternational Muslim Scholar with Dr. Mustafa Desuki Kasbah, Al-Azhar University

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