Answering questions - Anita A

2016-04-08 09:05:46

Anita A, S.EI, M.AK

Ka.Prodi EI

This shariah microfinance program is under the Tazkia Empowerment Cooperative. This empowerment program is usually done on a community, usually in a village. The areas to be selected are surveyed first to see the eligibility of the population to organize the program. Once considered feasible, then mapping will be done.

Prior to the implementation of the program, socialization was first conducted, especially to the village officials or community leaders. It is important that the program that is going to be implemented gets support, especially from authorized officials.

After getting permission from the apparatus, only then did we conduct socialization to the community, especially those interested to follow this program. The goal of this empowerment program are housewives. Those interested are then tested for worthiness, with some indicators like how many family members they have, what assets they have, how much income per month, and how they live.

The people who are interested in this program will be put into groups of five each. Further training will be provided. After that, there will be a test to determine which groups are eligible for a loan. The lending system is given to ensure that it reminds each other to repay the loan. After the loan is given, all groups are still given coaching either in entrepreneurship or spiritually.

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